A PMJ Classic – Back in Black & White

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In our own twisted way, PMJ is all about nostalgia, but with this video we turn back the clock to one of our own classics – then turn it back some more in this a cappella cover of We Can’t Stop. 

To celebrate our upcoming Back in Black & White tour, we revisit the song that helped make Postmodern Jukebox into a viral sensation. But this time, we’re taking the song even further back – that’s right, back in black & white!

Click Here To Download/ Order our a cappella cover of We Can’t Stop on Jazz Me Outside Part 2

This fall, the Back in Black & White Tour offers audiences a chance to catch B&W music for an HD world! In that spirit, we’ve transformed “We Can’t Stop” (originally featuring Robyn Adele Anderson and The Tee-Tones into an a cappella version with a cast of PMJ favorites.

Sara Niemietz takes the lead, with sublime harmonies provided by Von Smith, LaVance Colley, and #PMJSearch2017 winner Olivia Kuper Harris!

a cappella cover of We Can't Stop

It’s guaranteed to take you back to a time of street corner soul crooned under the streetlight – and to get you excited to see Postmodern Jukebox live. We’ll see you on tour this fall

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