PMJ’S First Pop-Up Video

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What if PMJ videos were shown on VH1 in the ’90s?? Here’s the first “PMJ Pop-Up,” featuring our New Orleans blues style cover of Guns ‘n’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” starring the great Miche Braden.  Which PMJ classic should we “Pop-up” next?

Who Is Miche Braden?


A Detroit native, Miche was a protégé of Motown musicians Thomas “Beans” Bowles and Funk Brothers bandleader Earl Van Dyke, as well as jazz master Harold McKinney.

Miche did vocal arrangements for the Spike Lee film Da Sweet Blood of Jesus and has recorded and performed with jazz saxophone titan James Carter.

She’s starred in several PMJ videos from “Story of My life” to “Purple Rain” to “Old Town Road” 

"Sweet Child O' Mine" Starring:

Miche Braden – Vocals

Adam Kubota – Bass

Allan Mednard – Drums

Jason Prover – Trumpet

Tom Abbott – Clarinet


Robert Edward – Trombone


Scott Bradlee – Piano