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Say My Name ft. Joey Cook

I had planned to launch the website last week with this video, but Thanksgiving came around and ruined that plan; I blame the Tryptophan (notice that everyone says that around Thanksgiving? Thanks, Science!). Anyway, here’s another new video from our most recent album, “Top Hat On Fleek” (artwork credit: Cesar Rodriguez. Name credit: yours truly).  This one features Joey Cook taking the Destiny’s Child hit, “Say My Name” back to the ‘60s.


Download / Order “Say My Name” from our ‘Top Hat on Fleek’ album:

As many of you may recall, Joey Cook was the uniquely talented American Idol finalist that performed some exceptionally creative arrangements on the show last season, and even gave us our very first shout out on national television.

Her talent was such a great fit for PMJ that I immediately reached out to her and invited her to LA for a day of videos.  This song was her suggestion, and looking at the lyrics, it was a great choice.  Part of the fun of translating modern songs into older styles is the fact that so many lyrical themes are timeless.  You might not hear Brenda Holloway refer to her house as  “the crib,” but you’ll certainly hear her sing about similar subjects in classic Motown tracks like “Every Little Bit Hurts.” 

You’ll also recognize Maiya Sykes singing in the background, along with Kenton Chen.  In addition to being one of the world’s most powerful singers, Maiya is a true scholar of music, and wrote lots of the vocal harmonies for this video.

Thanks for stopping by!  In case you're new to this, Postmodern Jukebox videos come out every Thursday (we call it "#PMJday").  All of the songs that we cover are also available on iTunes & Google Play. So far, we've done a little over a hundred vintage remakes, so there are still A LOT of songs to go...



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