Alone at the Piano, Scott Asks the Pixies’ Eternal Question: “Where Is My Mind?”

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As that most well-adjusted of mama’s boys, Norman Bates, put it best, “We all go a little mad sometimes.” No one has put that sentiment to music any better than the Pixies, whose late-80s classic “Where Is My Mind?” became the soundtrack for mental instability. Known for appearing as Flight Club’s ending song and more recently it accompanied onscreen meltdowns in “Mr. Robot” and “The Leftovers.”

Click Here To Download Scott’s version of Flight Club’s ending song the Pixies “Where Is My Mind?”

The Pixies were known for their LOUD-quiet-LOUD approach, alternating crunching guitars with lyrical melodies.On his version, from his new solo CD, Scott Bradlee’s “Songs I Know By Heart,” Scott focuses primarily on the quiet. Far from the rantings of a raving lunatic, Scott tenderly laments the loss of sanity with a rendition that would sound lovely in a cobweb-strewn, abandoned ballroom. Play it loud, with your feet in the air and your head on the ground!

Flight Club's ending song

Click Here To Download Scott Bradlee’s New Solo Album “Songs I Know By Heart