A Billie Holiday-Style Cover of “Domino” featuring Emmaline

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Jessie J’s “Domino” is a shot of pure adrenaline, a high-energy ode to gleeful abandon. PMJ’s version turns the lights down low and reimagines the song as the legendary Billie Holiday might have performed it: not at a hot burn but as a smoldering ember, entrancing and sultry. Scott is joined by Emmaline, the R&B band co-founded by powerhouse vocalist and guitarist Ryan Mondak. Spin out of control here:

Click Here To Download Our Billie Holiday-Style Cover of “Domino” Feat. Emmaline

“Rock my world into the sunlight,” sings Jessie J in “Domino,” but our version takes its cue from another line: “Dirty dancing in the moonlight.” There’s a late-night tinge to Scott’s simmering jazz arrangement. Clad in a lush purple gown, Emmaline captures the sensual elegance of Lady Day – every second truly is a highlight. You’ll be breathing like you’re running as she belts out the chorus, sure to start the dominoes toppling.

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