A 1920s Remake of “Never Forget You” ft. Addie Hamilton

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Addie Hamilton – the amazing young vintage singer that made her PMJ debut in “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” – is back with a 1920s style performance of “Never Forget You” that could have come straight from the pages of The Great Gatsby. Watch here:


Download / Order “Never Forget You” from our ‘Squad Goals’ album:

The lyrics of this song have a timeless quality to them – particularly in the chorus – and this arrangement aimed to capture the ephemeral sense of joy found in many of the hot jazz and popular songs from the ’20s. Addie gives another outstanding vocal performance; at only 20 years old, she’s already mastered the art of giving an authentic performance, and has fun doing so.  For an added bonus, cinematographer Guy Livneh joined us to create a beautiful visual look that matched the song.


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