2016 #PMJsearch Contest Winner Selected! Congratulations to Devi-Ananda from Berlin!

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This past month we ran our second #PMJsearch competition, to celebrate the release of our latest volume of PMJ karaoke tracks, “So You Think You Can Sing? Vol. 2.” More than 300 singers from around (and at least 7 cats and a rooster) entered, and this year’s talent pool was off the charts.  In the end, the winning entry came from Devi-Ananda Dahm, an incredible singer from Berlin.  Watch her take on “Grenade” here:

Devi not only had a well-trained voice with an impressive range, she also had a natural storytelling ability and incredible stage presence (and a great sense of humor, from what I can gather).  From the moment she looks at the camera, you know instantly that she is meant to be on stage, sharing her gifts with the world.  We’re excited to see what amazing performances she can give to the world as part of the PMJ family.

In addition to Devi, I highlighted a few other outstanding entries from around the world during our live broadcast to announce the winner.  Here they are:

16 year old Maris from Montana, singing “Creep.”  Maris is talented well beyond her years, and manages to make this song her own through a unique interpretation.  She’s going to go on to do great things – watch her!

Sharon Gaynor from Dublin, singing “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.”  Absolutely incredibly vocals – possibly the best technique and polish we’ve ever seen in a #PMJsearch entry.  When her voice opens up at 1:46, you can’t help but get chills.

Caleb Lafaitele from Gold Coast, singing “I’m Not the Only One.”  I remember being amazed by his version of “Stacy’s Mom” in last year’s #PMJsearch, and once again I found myself listening to his entry again and again.  His tone is unreal; he’s got true baritone richness with a soulful high range.  Also, he’s genuinely having the best time performing.

Of course, there were many other fantastic entries, and I had so much fun watching so many talented and creative vocalists sing on my arrangements.  Thanks and congratulations to everyone that entered – you’ve once again proved that great vocal talent exists all over the world, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to help all of you be heard.

In closing, enjoy this mysterious #PMJsearch entry to “Thong Song” by a singer (?) / dancer (?) known only as “Peggy.”  Many have speculated about her identity…





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