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A Classic Soul Version of “Scars To Your Beautiful,” ft. Sara Niemietz

We were involved in a very cool project this past week: for the first time ever, we spoke to the popular artist that we were covering BEFORE remaking their song!  More about that in a second, but first watch our latest cover featuring the phenomenal Sara Niemietz:

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Pepsi and MTV approached us with an idea to put us in a room with Alessia Cara – the artist behind “Scars To Your Beautiful” – as part of a series on The Sound Drop.  Alessia is only 20 years old, and she’s gone from recording YouTube videos to opening for Coldplay in stadiums in just a few years – a remarkable feat.  We spent some time talking about our influences and about the concept of “soul” in music; she was smart as a whip and very down-to-earth. She is certainly going to go on to do great things in music! You can see a bit of our segment halfway through this video.

Our remake of “Scars To Your Beautiful” took on the shape of a classic soul ballad, with Sara’s voice was the centerpiece;  I changed the time signature and added a horn arrangement, but the real star here was Sara, who filled each phrase with nuance and expression.  She has a rare gift of breathing new life into every song she sings, while simultaneously honoring the original.


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Enjoy this week’s song!




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