Postmodern Jukebox Sings Craigslist “Missed Connections”

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We’re helping strangers find love on Craigslist this Valentine’s Day by turning some of our favorite “Missed Connections” posts from the greater Los Angeles area into songs, sung by Postmodern Jukebox cast members Sara Niemietz, Aubrey Logan, Rayvon Owen, and Ariana Savalas.  Watch the highlight reel here:

Our new album of vintage pop remakes, “PMJ and Chill” hits iTunes on Thursday! 13 tracks, 5 of them completely brand new.  After that, our Europe tour begins!

If you’re curious to hear the full length version of these beautiful Craigslist ballads, here they are:


“Matt? I Met You At Poinsettia Park,” sung by Sara Niemietz:

“Brunette Girl at Vons!” sung by Rayvon Owen:

“Barbara Sickles,” sung by Aubrey Logan:

“Something Wild,” sung by Ariana Savalas:

“LOOKING FOR JEWEL,” sung by Aubrey Logan:

“You Were Swimming in Our Building Pool,” sung by Sara Niemietz:

Happy Valentine’s Day!!