A Gospel Soul Style Remake of “Don’t Let Me Down,” featuring Rayvon Owen

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American Idol Star Rayvon Owen (from our “Remix to Ignition” cover) is back with an incredibly soulful performance of one of this year’s top Billboard hits, “Don’t Let Me Down” by The Chainsmokers ft. Daya, remade PMJ style.  Watch our vintage Gospel Soul remake here:

Click here to download this song featuring American Idol star Rayvon Owen 

Although the original version of this song has a contemporary dance club feel, the lyrics are evocative of classic soul ballads and Gospel songs from many years ago.  Our Postmodern Jukebox version builds on that lyrical connection, with soulful harmonies by Maiya Sykes and Tickwanya Jones , and Gospel-blues piano riffs by Todd Schroeder.  Rayvon’s warm baritone is such an expressive instrument, and infuses the melody with raw emotion throughout.

American Idol Star Rayvon Owen

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American Idol Star Rayvon Owen

-Scott Bradlee