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New 3 song EP of Postmodern Jukebox Remixes – “Mediterranean Remix”

Hey folks- so I’ve kept the streak of having a new PMJ video every Thursday going for a really long time, so it hurts to say this: we need to take this week off to work on something big that is happening in the PMJ universe on April 14:

However, we DO have a new 3 song EP for you to check out, called “Mediterranean Remix,” now on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify.  This EP answers the following question:  What happens if you make a modern remix of a vintage cover of a modern song??  Thanks to acclaimed Parisian DJs Bart and Baker and NYC remix artist SLM PCKNS, now we know! The album contains a few of our earliest tracks featuring PMJ’s first superstar, Robyn Adele Anderson: “Thrift Shop,” “Call Me Maybe,” and “Careless Whisper.”

Get the album here.

The title of this album also coincides with #PMJtour arriving in the Mediterranean this week – scroll down for tickets.

Thanks for your patience, everyone! We’ll be back with new videos next week and exciting news!



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