New Album “PMJ and Chill” Available Now!

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Hey folks, we just released our eighth full-length album of modern pop hits gone vintage, “PMJ and Chill”.


Download / Order “PMJ and Chill” album:

This week, it debuted at #1 on the iTunes Jazz charts; it's probably the only album in the top 10 that was recorded live in a living room, too.

Musically, I wanted this collection to be heavy on current radio hits, much like our first album, "Twist is the New Twerk." Where the last couple of albums were heavy on the Motown sound, this one goes back a little further to the Swing Era and musically references Peggy Lee, Django Reinhardt, Glenn Miller, and others. The album also features some exceptionally clever artwork by Cesar Rodriquez - see if you can recognize the silhouetted couple on the couch from some previous album covers.

The first new single from "PMJ and Chill" - "Sorry," ft. Shoshana Bean

This album has lots of highlights, but I'd like to use this post to share a couple of pics from the as-of-now unreleased videos that we'll be rolling out over the next few weeks or so:


Cristina Gatti returns (wearing #gattipants, as always) in the PMJ '40s style cover of Drake's massive hit, "Hotline Bling." We're bringing the rotary phone back into fashion.exsandohs

Newcomer Lisa Gary makes her very impressive video debut with a gypsy jazz-styled remake of Elle King's "Ex's and Oh's."  Jacob Scesney pulls off yet another impressive feat of multitasking while playing the clarinet, too.


LaVance Colley (from our "Halo" cover) follows that hit up with another in our Ray Charles-esque remake of Ariana Grande's "Focus."  As always, he did some serious singing on this one.

Thanks for helping us get to #1, and enjoy the album!  We're kicking off our European tour in Dublin in just a couple of days- scroll down for tix!