New Reboxed Video!! “Call Me Maybe,” Sung By Von Smith

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Every Monday this month, we’re paying tribute to some classic PMJ videos and releasing all new versions of them – this week, it’s Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” one of our early hits from 2013, originally sung by Robyn Adele Anderson.  Here’s the incredible Von Smith performing his own “Reboxed” take on the tune, with some all-around fun from the band:


Download / Order “Call Me Maybe” from our ‘Swing The Vote’ album:

For the "Reboxed" version, we introduced a little more dramatic tension into the arrangement by opening with simply piano and voice (notice the "telephone ring" chords in the intro!).  Jacob Scesney and Lemar Guillary to bring a taste of New Orleans to the arrangement, and Todd Schroeder showed his fantastic skills as a pianist by ripping some impressive boogie woogie piano in the breakdown as bassist Adam Kubota took a phone call.


Von Smith is such a rare talent, and it's always a thrill watching him perform.  Coincidentally, I first learned of him through his own cover of one of our covers, and it was immediately obvious that he was a perfect fit for PMJ.  Be sure to check out his own original music to see another side of Von; as a songwriter, he writes some really haunting, beautiful music:


The Postmodern Jukebox European Tour has begun, and we're excited to bring #RealMusic and a cast chock full of some of the best performers in the world to 75 European cities!  This is our third time in Europe, and our cast of 11 is made up of a great mix of longtime PMJ performers, as well some amazing newcomers - and, as always, more guest performers will be popping in and out throughout the 4 month(!!) tour.

Scroll down for tickets and get ready for an incredible celebration of timeless music!