New Reboxed Video!! Watch Casey Abrams and Sarah Reich Take “Sweet Child O’ Mine” to New Orleans

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Every Monday this month, we’re paying tribute to classic PMJ videos in a series called, Postmodern Jukebox : Reboxed.  This week features the inimitable Casey Abrams putting his own spin on our New Orleans blues remake of Guns ‘n’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” – originally recorded PMJ style with Motown legend Miche Braden –  with a special cameo by modern-day tap dancing legend Sarah Reich.


Download / Order “Sweet Child O’ Mine” from our ‘Swing The Vote’ album:

If you've seen him perform live on #PMJtour, you already know that Casey is a force of nature.  He has that rare gift that all natural performers have: he's completely, authentically himself from the moment he steps onstage.  This Reboxed cover of G 'n' R's biggest hit finds Casey in blues / rock mode, playing with different phrasing styles and textures in his voice. In his previous videos with us, he was more or less tethered by an upright bass, but this video allowed him to "explore the space" quite a bit.


This video also featured a cameo by another one of PMJ's incredible talents: Sarah Reich.  Like Casey, Sarah radiates pure joy when performing.   When you combine that joy with her absolutely phenomenal technical skills, it is no surprise that she is regarded as one of the best tap dancers in the world and has inspired an entire generation of young tap dancers through her educational outreach programs.


#PMJtour is well underway!  The UK audiences have been incredible, and our London show on March 11 was the biggest Postmodern Jukebox show in Europe, ever.  Tickets for the rest of the tour are available here.


Casey with his hair doppelgänger in Liverpool.


See you Thursday!