New Video! Justin Bieber’s “Sorry,” Motown Style feat. Shoshana Bean

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We just released a new album!

Download / Order “Sorry” from our ‘PMJ and Chill’ album:

Here's the first new single, featuring the incredible Shoshana Bean on vocals:  we turned Justin Bieber's hit song, "Sorry" into a '60s Motown jam.  Watch here:

Although taking a Justin Bieber song back to the '60s may seem like a stretch, the lyrics to "Sorry" aren't far from those of some classic Motown tunes, which made this arrangement come together quite organically.  Motown Records was responsible for some of the most enduring grooves of the 20th century, and you might just recognize a few nods to them in this video.   As always, Shoshana gave a stellar vocal and reminded us yet again why she is one of the best performers in the world. The addition of two more incredible vocals talents - Luke Edgemon (from our cover of "I Want It That Way") and Mario Jose - took this video to the next level.


The new PMJ album features a number of brand new tracks; we'll be rolling the new videos out every Thursday.  Enjoy!



P.s. Europe tix are available below!