“Since U Been Gone,” Aretha Franklin Style – Featuring Mykal Kilgore

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Mykal Kilgore (from our viral cover of “My Heart Will go On”) is back for another phenomenal vocal performance in the very first video filmed in our new headquarters, PMJ Manor.


If you’ve caught Mykal on #PMJtour as our show emcee, you know that he is an absolute force of nature onstage.  His stage presence recalls the legends of the Motown era, and his pitch perfect, stratospheric vocal range is simply without peer in the music world today.  “Since U Been Gone” – with its wide range and dramatic arc – is a perfect showcase for his voice, and adding some early- Aretha Franklin – style horn riffs and Gospel backups by Vince Cannady and Jeniffer Williams created a unique, soulful backdrop for this cover of Kelly Clarkson’s first big hit.

This cover also marks the very first PMJ video shot in our new location, PMJ Manor.  This house is going to be headquarters for all things Postmodern Jukebox, and we are looking forward to filling its walls with music.



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Happy #PMJday!