A Tribute to the Heroes of Las Vegas with Chloe Feoranzo

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Help PMJ raise money for those who tragically lost their lives in Las Vegas and the heroes who risked their lives to save others. We’re donating $10 to the heroes at the UMC Foundation — Nevada’s only Level 1 Trauma Center — for every 1,000 views that this week’s video gets by the end of the weekend, so click below and share with everyone you know. To donate directly, please visit University Medical Center of Southern Nevada and the Las Vegas Victims Fund.  Watch the video feat. Chloe Feoranzo below:

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Just like everyone else, the PMJ family was heartbroken by the tragic events that unfolded in Las Vegas a week ago. Scott had invited singer and virtuoso clarinetist Chloe Feoranzo to join him on a classic, heartfelt rendition of the
Foo Fighters’ “My Hero,” but in light of recent events, the two decided to dedicate this one to the “ordinary” – yet absolutely extraordinary – heroes who step up in times of crisis, while raising money for charity.

As an attack on a music festival, a place where performers and audiences come together to celebrate their shared passions, this tragedy struck especially close to home. Even more so since it happened in Las Vegas, a city that’s near and dear to PMJ’s hearts – we rang in the New Year there at the dawn of 2017. So please help us do our part to help those affected – check out this week’s deeply-felt remake, and then do what you can to spread the word.

-Shaun, Staff Writer


Chloe Feoranzo

Chloe Feoranzo