Introducing ‘Postmodern Juicebox’ – our new kids show!

Hosted by Tim “Tambourine Guy” Kubart (Grammy winning kids’ singer songwriter and longtime host of The Sunny Side Up Show on Sprout) and introducing our puppet friend, Clara Nett, Postmodern Juicebox teaches fundamental concepts in music — with the help of some very recognizable PMJ guests!

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Check out all episodes below:

Episode 8: Casey Abrams

Look who’s back to cheer up Clara when she’s feeling sad – Mr. Casey!!

Episode 7: Scott Bradlee

Happy 2019! To start the year, Scott Bradlee stopped by the Juicebox to teach us how to make up a song — how to “improvise!”

 Episode 6: Aubrey Logan

Our amazing friend Aubrey stopped by to show us how to have a conversation in music: call and response!

Episode 5: Kenton Chen

Are those the sounds of animals? Or is it just our talented friend Kenton Chen coming to teach Clara about singing high and low??

Episode 4: Maiya Sykes

Vocal superstar Maiya Sykes stopped in to teach Clara about loud and soft with a special performance of a classic from Sesame Street!

Episode 3: Ariana Savalas

The always fabulous “Auntie” Ariana Savalas stopped by to give Clara an important lesson about stage presence (of course!)


Episode 2: Starring Sara Niemietz

This week, Sara Niemietz stops by to give Clara her very first singing lesson and performs Do Re Mi! Watch what happens:


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Episode 1 Starring Casey Abrams

Casey Abrams kicks off first episode of Postmodern Juicebox, with Tim Kubart (Tambourine Guy) and Clara Nett. It’s PMJ for preschoolers:)