The Postmodern Jukebox All Stars!

As you know, we already singled out some of our personal bests for our first Greatest Hits collection, The Essentials.

So what’s a PMJ ‘ALL STAR’?  We post a new video every week, and we get that it can be tough to find the highlights, the overlooked gems, or the attractive oddities in all that music.

Here’s the vids that that win because they hit an emotional nerve with us, because YOU have selected them as your favorites, or because they’re in oddball categories that we just made up (if you know PMJ at all, you know that offbeat ideas are kind of our thing).

So go ahead, rock star, get your game on – go play!

Breakout group number:  
“MMMbop” (Doo Wop Version) – 1950’s Style Hanson Cover (Featuring Kenton Chen, Luke Edgemon, Matt Bloyd, and Mario Jose)


First Million Views: “Thrift Shop”
Vintage ‘Grandpa Style’ Macklemore Cover (Featuring Robyn Adele Anderson)

Best selling albums:
PMJ’s First Greatest Hits Album, “The Essentials”, including 18 tracks + vintage cocktail insert.
Press Play to preview all the tracks:


& our Best Selling (Not Greatist Hits) Album: 
Emoji Antique
Press play to preview all the tracks –


Youngest PMJ performer:
Caroline Baran in Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”


Craziest stunt:
Jacob Scensey in “Love Yourself”- Vintage 1929 Justin Bieber Cover (Featuring Sara Niemietz)



Best Selling Tee
1919 Shoeless Joe Baseball Tee



Last video filmed at the old PMJ house:
Demi Lavato’s “Stone Cold” (Featuring Shosana Bean)

First video filmed at PMJ Manor: 
“Since U been Gone” – Aretha Franklin soul style Kelly Clarkson cover (Featuring Mykal Kilgore)


Best costume:
Puddles Pity Party in “Royals – (Sad Clown With The Golden Voice)”


Best instrumental/ theme songs:
“Game of Thrones” Theme – The “Smooth” Version Featuring Dave Koz
and Jazz Variations on the “Harry Potter Theme” (‘Hedwig’s Theme’)


Best use of fire:
“Burn” – Vintage 60’s Girl Group Ellie Goulding Cover with Flame-O-Phone (Featuring Cristina Gatti, Robyn Adele Anderson and Ashley Stroud)

Most viewed video:
“Creep” – Vintage Radiohead Cover (Featuring Haley Reinhart)


Well… what are you waiting for?