Previous #PMJSearch Winners & Fan Favorites


In anticipation of this year’s #PMJsearch contest, we’ve been looking back over the finalists from the past two rounds.

When we started the contest, we hoped to find a few talented singers – we never dreamed there was so much talent hiding all over the world, or that we’d find new PMJ stars not just in the winners but also in some of the runners-up who made our decisions so difficult!

If you visit us regularly, you’re already familiar with the knockout talent of Devi-Ananda, Maris, Holly Campbell-Smith, Tara Louise, and Caroline Baran, all of whom were discovered through their #PMJsearch audition videos.

Do you have the vocal chops and throwback flair to be the next name on that list?

Compare your pipes with these winners, and then throw your fedora into the ring!




David Simmons Jr. making his PMJ video debut in our remake of Keane’s 2004 hit, “Somewhere Only We Know.”

Watch David’s #PMJSearch Audition Here


2017 Winner Olivia Kuper Harris wowed the PMJ universe and even Katy Perry with her debut in “Last Friday Night”

She’s gone on to tour worldwide with PMJ and star in

“What Are You Doing New Years Eve,”

“Straight Up,”

and “Life On Mars” 

Watch Olivia’s #PMJSearch Audition Here


2016 #PMJSearch Winner: Devi Ananda

2016 winner Devi-Ananda made her PMJ debut with a jumpin’, jivin’, wailin’ rendition of Maroon 5’s “This Love”…

…and returned this summer with a sweet ‘60s spin on Christina Perri’s tale of soured romance, “Jar of Hearts”:

Watch Devi’s #PMJSearch Audition Here

2016 #PMJSearch Fan Favorite: Maris

Meanwhile, last year’s runner-up, Montana-based 17-year-old Maris, gave Dolly Parton’s broken-hearted country ballad “Jolene” an orchestral pop makeover:

Watch Maris’ #PMJSearch Audition Here



2015 #PMJSearch Winner: Holly Campbell-Smith

Our first winner, Holly Campbell-Smith, joined us for a vintage swing version of Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud”:

Watch Holly’s #PMJSearch Audition Here 

2015 #PMJSearch Fan Favorite: Caroline Baran

14-year-old runner-up Caroline Baran showed talent far beyond her years on her aching vocal on our lush orchestral pop version of Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”…

…and the same goes for her return a year later for a soulful reimagining of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” in noir-ish black and white:

2015 #PMJSearch Fan Favorite: Tara Louise

We discovered another fantastic young vocalist Tara Louise who teamed up with Tambourine Guy in her video debut of *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye”

…. and you can also catch her singing backup in some of our videos like this 1930’s remake of Cee Lo Green’s “Forget You”

Watch Tara’s #PMJSearch Audition Here

The next name on this list could be yours, so check out how to enter the 2017 #PMJsearch here.

Happy Singing, and Good Luck!

And who could forget Peggy’s #PMJSearch Thong Song Audition